Thursday, March 29, 2012


There are many new products on the market and was wondering what type of Stiffener you use?
Below are just a few I have found in my research.
 Talking about new products on the market DMC has waste canvas that is now water soluble. About time and no more picking out all the threads especially when it gets caught in the threads.
Homemade Fabric Stiffener
Measure 1/2 cup of white glue and pour it into the bowl.
Measure 1/2 cup of water and pour it into the bowl.
Stir the glue and water together with the wooden spoon until it is blended and has the consistency of milk. Pieces of fabric should be immersed into the stiffener, smoothed out on a flat tor curved surface and allowed to dry for 24 hours.

Stiffy Fabric Stiffener by Plaid

Create permanent fabric projects quickly and easily using Stiffy ® Fabric Stiffener with most fabrics. Creates beautiful fabric bows, stiffens needlework. Add lace, ribbon and trims to craft projects or mold or drape dollies and lace

ALEENE'S  Fabric Stiffener  and Draping Liquid
This unique product shapes and stiffens fabrics and trims. Thinnable and tintable, use it to stiffen crochet doilies, fabric, lace, ribbons, cheesecloth, and appliques. When dry, it’s water-resistant and easy to paint. Recommended for: Bows, laces, ribbon

Amazing Fa-brick
Amazing Fa-brick is a transparent textile and decoration hardener. Dip nearly any porous natural materials, such as textiles, into Amazing Fa-brick and it will become stiff and rigid when dry. Drape or wrap your fabric around a wire figure, paper mache or other armature to make sculptures from fabric. Dries transparent or add colored pigment powder to give a new look to your sculpture. After your sculpture has dried, you will have a water resistant work of art that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For outdoor use where direct rain contact or high humidity is likely, it is recommended your sculpture be sealed with a permanent waterproof varnish. Amazing Fa-brick is a water based polymer is easy to clean up with water. Will not adhere to plastic. Ready to use from the container


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I have always used Aleene's with great success for the past 20 years. I first pour the solution onto a piece of plastic wrap and use another piece to work the solution in, to keep my hands out of the solution as much as possible Then I blot the saturated piece with a dampened paper towel to let the knots be defined. From there I shape the piece and let it dry.

Quayceetatter said...

Thanks Kathy!! It is good to know you have had 20 years of success with this product. I agree, why try something else when this product works.

tatting-marie said...

Does this product turn your white tatted items yellow with age?