Monday, May 14, 2012

Cross Stitch Rose

I love adding cross stitch to crazy quilt blocks. This rose was done on 14 count waste canvas so it is on fabric not canvas when the work is completed.

The waste canvas is pinned to the fabric. Instead of using a blunt needle as one would do on canvas use a sharp needle to go through the material.  This canvas will be removed later.   Start stitching the widest part of the picture and continue down.    Finish with the outline stitch all over to enhance the rose. In the upper right corner I have started to cut a way some of the excess canvas to aid in the removal of the waste canvas.

I usually put a warm wash cloth on top of the stitching when removing the canvas. Make sure your material likes water. I use satins, silk and cottons and have had no issues with water.  This will soften the canvas and plump up the threads.  Using tweezers pull the threads gently out. On a long piece I would cut most of the center canvas threads so you only have to pull threads from the bottom and then the top. When a thread will not budge try working all around that thread until it is the only remaining thread left in the canvas. Usually a thread was stitched into the canvas but when it is the only thread left it will come out. 
DMC  has a new product on the market where waste canvas can be immersed in water and will dissolved. If using this product I would cross stitch  a piece of fabric, wash it and then sew it into a block.  Sometimes I will use an old piece of linen that has been stained and do a cross stitch to see how big it will be and then sew it into the block. By stitching over this stain no one will know it is there!!! Linen is wonderful to stitch on and the feel is silky!  A lot of old linens that have cross stitch or embroidery can be utilized this way preserving the stitching.

A few weeks ago I found this wonderful book at the Thrift store for $3!! It is a cross stitchers Dream. The Rose pattern came from this book. It has 4 pages covering the different colors and styles of roses. Every type of pattern one can imagine is in this book.
Hope you enjoyed the rose making and will try some cross stitch on your next project!


Judy said...

You just don't know how glad I am you posted how you stitched your rose! I have wondered about waste cloth and "how to". You made it crystal clear, and I thank you.

Beautiful work!

Judy in Mississippi

Quayceetatter said...

Thanks Judy for your comment. I will be sending you some waste canvas with patterns!